Our Old Guestbook

From: Something

Hi again! I just realized I signed your guestbook months ago under the name C.V.! (I come here frequentely) I have an idea! Why don't all of we Beatlemaniacs who can go to my chat room next Wednesday night, around 7PST, and chat! The URL of my chatroom is above, under homepage URL. CU There! By the way, you have to be civilized in my chat room, (no insulting, cussing, etc.) or I'll personally kick you off. Bye! (!

From: Something

Hullo! I love the site, and I'm sorry that I wasn't able to get into the Beatle Olympics earlier than the last game, but it was really fun! C-U! Something

From: Heidi (Lao-Tsun)

This page ruLes! Thank you so much for making it! I love it sooooo mUch! keep up the good woRk BEATLES FOREVER! I LOVE JOHN!

From: Marcie

This is a very interesting page. I have never seen anything quite like it. :-) I mean that in a good way. The Beatles rule!

From: rOnAld clArkE

hey now!!

From: Sarah Bower

I would just like to say you have an excellent site. The only complaint is that I have tried to join NWL like more than twice and it won't let me on!! I don't know why either. Oh well, the BEATLES ARE THE BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!! Well, I guess that's about it! peace and love!!!! ///0-0\\\

From: Harrisongirl (Flaming Katie Pie)

Love it!!! Just TOO cool!!!

From: Mr Epiphone

This site really rule!!! I love The Beatles,they were and still are the greatest band ever! And remember ,when you find yourself in times of trouble,let it be ,let it be!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Tonya

I love the look of the page, but several links are not working. How can I become a member?

From: Pixie Stick Girl (PSG)

Love your web page. Did you know that Lucy in the Sky With Dimonds spells out LSD? My friends Ryan,Brandon,Jenna,Rachael,Josh,Katie,are all HUGE BEATLES fans.

From: Katie

Real neat page!!! Visit mine sometime!! Peace, Love and Craziness, Katie C.

From: zebralennon

I love this weird Beatle dimension!

From: Gabrial (a.k.a. beatles9)

Great Page! Your very creative! I just became a citizen, and I tryed out for the Olympics. Again, really nice job!

From: C.V.

WOW! Great site! I just found it today, and I thought it was kind of strange, because my site is also named Nowhereland!(My page's title is a little bit longer, it is NOWHERELAND: The Home Of Something.) I swear to you that I did not copy it off of yours. I would like to say again . . . FAB SITE!

From: Donna, I don't have a Beatle nick yet.

I LOVE the Beatles!! I just became a fan, kind through my Monkee obsession. Which is bigger than my Beatle obsession. But I just started on that:o) Oh yeah this page is groovy baby.

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