From: Eleanor Rigby

Hiya! Just wanted to say hi to all the NWL citizens...and to the starr city citizens especially...('cause who doesn't love their city most of all? *lol*) Check out my beatles page, everyone!!! And don't forget to read my fan fiction, and sign the guestbook pretty please! :o) Luv ya! -Gabbie, aka Eleanor Rigby, Mayor of Starr City and Nowhere Land VP (i'm modest...really...heheheh...)

From: The Walrus

Just wanted to say hi to my fellow NWL citizens! Visit my page and sign my guestbook.

From: Steven Wagers

Great page! Please visit my page, sign my guest book, add me to your links.

From: Kari

The website is wonderful. I hope everyone sees it

From: Pookie

Hello ..Im a new knight .Great page VBG .Come vist me and congrass

From: Starr aand Foxx

Hello! Congratulations on earning a rematch in the Arena last week! Way to go!

Foxx and I are representing the Knights in the Dome this week, and we could sure use the support of our teammates! Would you please vote for Foxx's Funhouse in the Dome? We'd appreciate it greatly!

"Thank you, and on behalf on the band I hope we passed the audition..." :)

From: Debbie aka joiya
Re: Site Fights

Hello, fellow Knight! Congratulations on advancing to the Knights Arena! I just wanted to drop by to leave you a spirit stick and wish you luck in the Site Fights this week!

My site has moved on to Tourney I, and I'm very excited! Drop by and visit my site or just the fantasy section of it if you prefer: (Debbie "joiya" Fletcher)

or (Lady Joiya Wolfsinger)

Keep up your Spirit, Keep up your Faith. Where to start is to look inside your Heart. Let's go Knights fight the Good Fight!

From: Fairy LibraryCat =^..^=
Re: Show your site fights spirit!

*You've been dusted by*
Keep the Spirit Flowing
Share the Spirit of the Site Fights

There once was a little Spirit Cat
who came to the fights to play
she met up with the DFairy,
that's why she's here today!
She's has come to your site to spread Spirit and Cheer,
Her enthusiasm will not dim,
She asks that you take this Spirit Stick,
Go to Shout it Out and post a Cheer!

From: EmmaR
Re: Beatles!

I love them.
The Beatles rules!
This page seems very good, but I haven't had the
time to really check it out yet..

From: Kel

Hi there!! I really enjoyed your page, keep up the great work and good luck in the Site Fights!!! I'm fighting too, visit sometime and have a great day!!

From: TheNightWind
Re: Knights of the Ring

Greetings Fellow Knight
& A Happy New Year To You.
May This Year Be Filled With
All Your Dreams & Hopes.
Come Visit My Realm
TheNightWind Howls For You

From: Fairy Psyche
Re: The Site Fights

Sprinkles of spirit and good luck in the fights! Go Knights!

From: Starr

Hello, fellow Knight! I just wanted to drop by and wish you luck in the Site Fights.
Congratulations on advancing to the Tournament! Go get 'em!

You have a great page! I just love the Beatles, and I could spend hours here. :)

Please visit us too! We'd appreciate your vote if you think we're worthy. :)

From: Jude

Great page! I like the new look!

From: Maxwell Edison
Re: Trying to join.....

I've been trying to join NWL for months now....I keep getting the email, in fact, I get two of everything, but I have no idea what else it is I am supposed to do....
there appears to be no "address" for me to go to in order to be part of the NWL group I don't know who my "mayor" is, don't know how to get my site into one of the cute little houses, etc....
At the risk of sounding really stupid, which I'm not, by the way.....I have a number of web sites at other locations and I REALLY do know what I'm doing....but I need to know in more detail what exactly is required of me to become part of the community! Please!
Thanx a lot.
By the way, I really like the changes to the site!
Good job, Ms. Kite!
Talk to you soon.

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