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Nowhere Land Souvenir Shop

Please know that we are a non-profit organization. In order to keep Nowhere Land free for the citizens, we need your support in donations or to click on our banners. The greater your support, the greater we become!

Please see below for shipping charges
NEW!Nowhere Land Pencils -
We JUST ordered Nowhere Land pencils! They are natural wood color and say NOWHERE LAND. Click here to see a picture of the pencils(the scan didn't come out as well as hoped, sorry!)
Get 1 set of 2 pencils for $1.25**(that includes shipping) How many sets?

Nowhere Land Stickers -
Get a nifty sticker of the Nowhere Land flag! 2" high by 2-1/2" wide

Gift Certificate -
Made some friends here at NWL and want to give them a special holiday or birthday gift? Then why not a gift certificate in any amount to the NWL Sovenir Shop? We'll send it to you to send to your friend!
Place the price for certificate in spaceQuantity

Nowhere Land Magnets -
Stick a Nowhere Land flag magnet on your fridge or whatever ya want! 1-1/2" high by 1-7/8" wide

Shipping Charges In the United States
PencilsIncluded in price
ALL stickers0.35
Magnets0.50 for each set

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