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Plain pencils with NOWHERE LAND printed on them! $1.25
Pastel colored 6" x 9" stationery with Nowhere Land and our URL printed handsomely at the bottom $0.10
Get a nifty sticker of the Nowhere Land flag! 2" high by 2-1/2" wide $0.50
Stick a Nowhere Land flag magnet on your fridge or whatever ya want! 1-1/2" high by 1-7/8" wide $1
How'd you like 4 of each Beatle? Well here's your chance, cartoon sketches of the each Beatle on invidual magnets. 2-1/4" high by 3/4" wide $1
This is 1 sticker using the cartoon pics from the magnet above. 3" high by 3-1/2" wide $0.75
Set sail on your refrigerator door with this great magnet! 2 5/8" $1

Shipping Charges In the United States
PencilsIncluded in price
ALL stickers0.35
Magnets0.50 for each set
Stationery0.35 per 20 sheets

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