Have fun and win some KK!
In honor of the holiday season NWL is offering a game of Ring-O to all its citizens with webpages! All you have to do is put a simple grid on your webpage and 4 numbers will be chosen daily. If you have any of the numbers you put a Beatle marker next to the number and when you get markers in the right places you win! (It's basically Bingo!)

This idea was taken from Vikimouse at the Mousepad who has allowed me to graciously use this idea.

We'll play different games after each winner. The first game will be the standard 5 in a row (up, down, or diagonal). When you get 5 in a row email us and we'll check your card to double check! If you won you will get 100KK and a $5 CDNow gift certificate! When we get 2 players we'll begin the game. We will play until we get 10 winners.

How To Get Started
Follow these instructions and you'll be in the game in no time!
1. Right click on each of the Beatle images above, surrounding Ringo. You will use these as your markers in the game. You can chose your fav Beatle to use or use all 4.
2. Upload the images to your server.
3. Go here and copy the HTML code for your Ringo card.
4. Make a page or insert the code on an existing webpage. Substituting in numbers within the ranges provided.
5. Email MsKite. Make sure to include your NWL name, city and where your card is located.
6. Once your card has been checked you will receive a special URL that will have 4 new numbers posted daily.

Ok, I'm checked, now what?
Check the URL you were sent daily for 4 new numbers. When you match a number place a marker (Beatle image) NEXT to the number. Please do not erase the number because then we can't tell if you really won or not so you WILL NOT receive your prize. Just follow the rules...please. Also PLEASE do not change your numbers to benefit yourself. Our Security Guard Johnny has a powerful memory and will know if you've changed your numbers!

I Won! what?
You won?? Congrats! Email us! We'll double check your card to see if you are indeed a winner. You must have 5 Beatles in a line either up and down, left to right, or diagonally.

Currently 1 person is registered for Ring-O
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