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The Nowhere Land Publishing Co.

Are you a budding poet or writer? Want to get your work seen and read? Then the web is the perfect place! If you don't have a webpage, or even if you do, send us your stories, your poems, your songs, your epics, your plays, your money...;-) j/k. But you get the idea. Send it in! We will publish your work and place it up here on the net! Your story/poem/song/etc. gets its own little page here so that everybody can come read it. Who knows, maybe you'll get a big can be the world known Beatle poem writer! Hey, it could happen! We will pay you 3KK per poem, 7KK per chapter per story and 7KK per song(lyrics with or without music) and we'll figure something out for scripts. What do you have to loose? The worst we can do is say keep listening to those Beatles songs and try again! One last thing, all things sent it(used or not) become property of Nowhere Land.
Send your work in NOW!!