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Please vote only once per visit, this is not a popularity poll

Past Polls
Poll #3
If there HAS to be a 5th Beatle, who would it be?
55% Sir George Martin
36% Brian Epstein
0% Yoko Ono
0% Murray the K
9% Klaus Voorman
0% Maharishi Yogi
Poll #2
Who had the most successful solo career?
24% John Lennon
59% Paul McCartney
8% Ringo Starr
9% George Harrison

Poll #1
Who's your fav Beatle wife?
Linda McCartney 59%
Yoko Ono Lennon 6%
Barbara Bach Starr 6%
Cynthia Lennon 18%
Patti Harrison 6%
Olivia Arras Harrison 6%