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Halloween Poem Contest

We got some GREAT entries for the last poem contest, so this time we're awarding 3 winners! Try and write a Halloween and Beatle related poem! We'll give you the first 2 lines. No more than 150 words please!

John searched through his sack,
Looking and digging for an M&M pack

Ok, I take it back, you don't HAVE to use those first 2 lines, but you can :)

Halloween Short Story Contest

This is for those fan fic fans! Please try to write a short story (no more than 1000 words) Beatle and Halloween related! Eleanor Rigby has been nice enough to give you the first few sentences that you MUST work off of(no they don't count on the 1000)

"Paul heard a mighty crash in his attic. He turned to the others. 'Did you hear that?!' He asked. 'What ARE you talking about, Paul?' Said John."

Ok? Get going!

She Said She Said Contest

Ok, so it should really be He Said He Said He Said He Said but I'm not picky...most of the time... :) Here's the deal! Below is an image, give each of the boys something to say or be thinking! If they're saying it put *say* before it or if they're thinking put *thinking* Get it? Good! Now go to work...this is EASY!! We'll choose the 3 funniest for the winners!

Ready to Submit Your Winning Entry?

Cool! Then email us with your entry! Please include:
Your NWL Name
Your Email

We look forward to see you're bootiful entries! Mwahhahahhha!

people wanna win prizes!