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The Nowhere Land Performing Arts Center

Welcome to The Nowhere Land Performing Arts Center! I hope that we will use this center frequently! Now, you might be wondering how this is a place to put on plays and concerts, but it is! See, we will be getting a chat(java sorry those who don't have it!) that allows you to have avatars(pictures to depict you). For plays and stuff we can have a "costumer" who can design these avatars. Once the publishing co. gets some plays, we can begin work. Now, characters are sent their lines and for performances he or she "says" their lines by typing them into the chat. And, when logging into the chat, actors use their characters name and not their NWL name. Does that make any sense? I hope so. Well, at the present time, we have no scripts. But, before that, we need someone to be in charge! A director! Someone who will organize the actors, the costumer, and any other jobs that are needed. Interested? Then please let us know!!! I think that if we get this to work, it'll be really neat!!