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NWL Pres Tells All!

In a private speech NWL Pres MsKite told the small group that had been called that she "did not have sexual relations with that man, Mr.McCartney." MsKite is expected to questioned by a panel chosen at random. Already many questions have been submitted, "What didn't you and Paul do?", among others. More on next page...

NWL Weather

Lennon Land
Partly cloudy
McCartney Town
Starr City
Partly cloudy

Nowhere Land News

Welcome to Nowhere Land news! This gives you all the info on what's going on in the acutal country of Nowhere Land!

LL Mayor Not to Be Impeached!

After letting LL mayor MsMartin spend some time in the NWL jail for no apparent reason, she has been released on a 0KK bail. When questioned about the arrest MsMartin said only that she was a Paul fan governing a colony of John fans and saw nothing wrong with that. MsKite has had no comment on the subject, saying only that MsMartin has done a fine job and hopes that it stays that way. More on page 3...


This page was inspired by Eleanor Rigby of Starr City. Thanx chica for always supporting NWL!
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