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NWL Chat FAQ's and How-To's!

Ok. Have you downloaded the chat thingie yet? You have?! Great!! If not, please go here to find out how! For those of you who've already done that, you're almost there! Install the program and follow the instructions. Ok? Got it ready?! Fantastic! Now, open it up. A screen should pop up. 4 tabs should be at the top, Connect, Personal Info, Character, Background. Choose Personal Info. Type in your NWL name, email, URL(if any) and a description(if you want). Now choose Character. This is the fun part!! Choose any of the 12 different cartoon characters to represent yourself. Ok, now go back to Connect, Background doesn't matter, NWL has its own background. Now at Connect do the following. Half-way down it should say Server. Choose . Under that it should say Goto chat room: . Type NowhereLand Just like that, no spaces one long word. Hit the OK button and wait as you connect to the official NWL chat room!! **Note:It may or may not take a few minutes to connect, please be patient.**
Chat Schedule!
Tuesday, July 28th at 7:00pm EDT
Tuesday, August 4th at 7:00pm EDT
That's all for now...until we see how these things go...