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Nowhere Land Lottery
Current Jack Pot
Last Weeks Numbers : 05 10 12 14

Feelin' lucky? Wanna make some KK? Then buy a lottery ticket or two (or three...or four). The rules are listed below the form to buy your tickets :)

Put in 4 numbers (0-20) for each ticket (up to 4 tickets)

Your Nowhere Land name:

Your E-mail address:

Must be citizen of Nowhere Land
You may buy up to 4 tickets per week
Each ticket costs 1KK, 4 tickets equals 4KK
Numbers used for drawing are drawn randomly by MsKite
Winners will be notified via email after drawing
Prizes are as follows: 1 number matched = 1KK
2 numbers matched = 2KK
3 numbers matched = 3KK
4 numbers matched = Pot
Pot is the total amount of KK made off selling of tickets
If there are more than one 4 number winners, prize will be divided evenly, if when divided, it's an odd number the extra 1KK will go to next weeks drawing
NWL puts in the first 10KK and then 1KK for every ticket bought there after is added
Drawings will be held weekly, every Saturday