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Dear Harrison citizens,

I would like to become the mayor of Harrisonville because it would be a new experience for me and I think it will be fun for everybody! :) I could certainly make Harrisonville a fab, gear town for every Georgie fan to be proud of. I'll do a great and gear job maintaining the best Beatle city! I have some ideas for fun activities to make this city so great that even George would want to become a citizen of Harrisonville. =) This job wouldn't be hard for me because I can handle the great responsibility, come up with ideas, and improve the city. I know a bit about HTML and I'm always looking foward to learning new, interesting things so it wouldn't be hard for me. But personally, why I really want to become the Mayor of Harrisonville is because I am a great, loyal fan of George's and I would love to be a part of this. Being mayor of this marvelous city, would make me feel special and know I'm a part of something that I really would enjoy doing. Please take take your time and make the right choice. Vote for me. =)
Lovely Laura