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If you want the KK to roll in, start a business! Here's a list of ideas:

Employment Agency - help others find jobs within NWL
Interior Designer - help others design their homes in NWL
Credit Card Co. - offer a better way of shopping with KK
Greeting Cards - set up virtual Beatles greeting cards
Photo/Sound Shops - sell pics or sounds
Public Storage - back up people's webpages or files on your server
Bank - Open a bank
Advertising - help others advertise their webpage
Matchmaker - help make matches between the citizens
Political Party - form a political party (like Paul is Dead)
Architect - use graphics programs to design the front of homes
Religions - form a church within NWL
Game Shows - host a game show for KK in a chatroom or such
Auction House - allow others to buy and sell pics and such with KK
Theatre - using a chat room, perform plays or do readings
School - set up an online course on the Beatles
Actors Guild - form an actors guild for the theatres
Loans - offer loans to those without kk
Library - form a library and stock it with Beatles info
Pub - serve virtual drinks in a chat room
Lotto/Gambling - make gambling games for KK
Visitors Center - create a place for new citizens
Virtual Tours - use pictures of Liverpool and give virtual tours
Book Publishing - publish fan fics or poems on your website and sell them for kk
Better Biz Bureau - form a better business bureau to protect citizens
E-Zine - start a Beatles e-zine(online magazine)
Environmental Groups - keep NWL clean!

These are just *some* of the ideas you could use!