I Saw Her Standing There

Chart Action:

UNITED STATES: Released as a single January 13, 1964(the B side of "I Want To Hold Your Hand"), this song entered the Top 40 in January 1964, hitting No. 14 during its eight-week stay. Road and Billboard


McCartney(.8) and Lennon (.2) LENNON:"That's Paul doing his usual good job of producing what George Martin call a 'potboiler'. I helped with a couple of the lyrics." Sept. 1980, Playboy Interviews. McCartney and Lennon wrote the song in Paul's living room while playing hooky from school. Coleman


Feb. 11, 1963, at Abbey Road Day and Abbey and Road


McCARTNEY: bass, lead vocal
HARRISON: lead guitar
LENNON: rhythm guitar, harmony vocal
STARR: drums
Record; Road
agrees on vocals


This song was part of the Beatles' repertoire for concerts from 1962 to 1964. Live It was one of six songs performed during the Beatles' second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, Feb. 16,1964. Forever; Live says it was also one of five on first show. It also was played at the Washington Coliseum and Carnegie Hall concerts in Feb. 1964 and on the 1964 North American tour (some shows). Forever

On Nov. 28,1974, Lennon joined Elton John on the Madison Square Garden stage and performed the song. Elton John released the recorded performance in the US on Mar. 1,1975, as the B side of "Philadelphia Freedom." A-Z and Road It was the A side of a single in the UK.

MCCartney performed this song at the Prince's Trust Concert(1986) with several rock luminaries. Prince's

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