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Nowhere Land Info and FAQ's

Nowhere Land is a virtual country devoted entirely to the one, the only the Beatles! We have little homes and businesses Beatle related. We have a working government as well as a economy based on our currency of Kaili Kash. (Kaili being the god from Help!.) We try to get our citizens involved as much as possible, and finished the 1st ever Nowhere Land Beatle Olympics the week before Easter. If you're considering join, which we really hope you do, please look over the following FAQ's(Frequently Asked Questions) before looking at our 4 cities, Starr City, McCartney Town, Harrisonville, and Lennon Land.

All of our graphics here have been made by the citizens(ok not all....but most...). We try to keep the site totally done by the citizens.

Is Nowhere Land free?
Yes! We are a non-profit organization here to give you a place to indulge your love of the Beatles. We are however trying to earn money to get our own domain and other things through nickel banners.

What is the exchange rate for Kaili Kash(KK) to U.S. dollars?
Unfortunately, KK(Kaili Kash) is may only be used in shops run by Nowhere Land or by its citizens. It can be earned various ways and spent for pictures, ~.wavs, ~.midis, and other Beatle related things.

I want to join 2 or more cities of Nowhere Land. Can I?
We ask that you try and pick one (1) city to join. That helps not only your mayor but it also helps if we have games so that you don't play on more then one "team".

Who made Nowhere Land?
Well, that would be me, MsKite. August, 1997, I made Nowhere Land. I have done most if not all of the coding here. I have worked very hard on Nowhere Land and I hope that you enjoy it!

What is the PBWT?
PBWT is The Paperback Writer Times. That is our newspaper/newsletter here. It is published monthly for and by the citizens of Nowhere Land. It is free of cost and is full of Beatle articles, stories, games and more!

I joined, but I can't get into the Citizens Only Page, how come?
The Citizens Only Page requires a password. Please wait until you receive a confirmation email from us. In that email is a URL for a welcome page. On that welcome page is all the info a new citizen needs AND the password.

I've got a great idea for Nowhere Land!! Who do I tell??
Great idea, huh? Great!! We're always open for new ideas!! Just email us!!

More to be added here soon!