If you're already a citizen of NWL than you are allowed to have one house to do what ever you like. If you have a website it's easier for both you and us if you keep your home on your server and we link to it. If you don't have a server, then we'll keep your home on our server. If you do not know HTML, then until we get a real estate agent, you're out of luck(unless you have a friend who'll help). If you know what you're doing, then why not apply for your house?

Please email us with the following info:
Which house would ya like?
House 1
House 2
House 3
House 4
House 5

What's your NWL name? Your Email? Will your house be on your server or ours? If yours, what's the URL.

Make sure you include ALL the info above in the email you send us!
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