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Nowhere Land needs your help! We are now one year old and have over 200 citizens! Now that we are established as a site and having things running somewhat smoothly, it's time that we start trying to expand and make NWL great for everyone! As you may know we are now selling Nowhere Land flag magnets and stickers. They are very inexpensive and made by us. Unfortunately, selling only those 2 things will not make enough money to get anything so we need to have several "projects" that the proceeds can be put together. Currently we not only sell NWL magnets and stickers, but also sell Beatles CDs, books, videos, and other things through Reel, Cdnow and Amazon. All 3 of these companies are great and reliable. We ask that you purchase your things through links found on our pages. We receive a percentage of that money, which will be used to buy prizes for contests that you could win! We also have different banners displayed that pay for each time you click on them. I know that you may not be interested in these sponsors, but here's my secret...click on the banner then use your back button! That way we benefit and you can continue browsing our pages! Below are a few of our "projects" that we ask that you kindly support. Thank you!

Current "Projects"
Guaranteed visitors to your web site!

Every time you click, we get a WHOLE nickel!

Supporting us can be as easy as starting your Internet browser. By becoming an eyegive member, and passing the word along to others, you'll unleash the power of the Internet to help us raise funds.

Just register, set eyegive as your Home ("start") page (http://www.eyegive.com), and sit back. Help us use eyegive to raise money simply, automatically, anonymously, and cost-free.

Every day you start your browser, you'll see an ad. The advertiser then directs a contribution to US! These daily moments of kindness are paid for completely by advertisers. There is no cost to you or to us.

Sign up now and help support us!

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