Each town has their own set of shops, suburbs for you to move in, and more!  Check your town to see what it has to offer!

 Each section/town has a mayor.
 The whole land has a president.

 Each mayor makes the rules/laws for his/her section(know that these must 
 be acceptable, or he/she will be relieved of the duty)

 Anyone may suggest a rule/law for the whole land.  But, for it to be 
 passed, it must be voted on by the president and the 4 mayors.  Also, it 
 must get a minimum 3/5 vote to be passed.

 If you have a special talent, or something that you think your fellow 
 citizens would be interested in, you are invited to begin a business. To 
 start a business, you must send a proposal to your mayor telling him/her 
 why you wish to have a business, and what you think you could bring to 
 the section and the land.  From there it is all in the hands of the 
 mayor.  If you are approved, you will receive a permit.  If you aren't, 
 try again.  But, if you think that it was unfair, send your story to the 
 president.  But, remember that if you are approved and get the permit, 
 you must purchase the land at 20 K.K. a plot.
 *The mayor is a job, there for he/she is paid 5 K.K. a week
 *The mayor is in charge of everything that goes on in their town, they give out
store permits, etc.
 *The mayor may write his/her towns laws, but they must be expectable,  
 or the mayor will be relieved of his/her duties.
 *The mayor may also vote with the rest of the government on rules/laws 
  concerning the rest of the land.
 *Get a job!  Try searching the help wanted section in the paper.
 *Sell banners or other things to the government to use.  Be aware that  
 they may not be bought.
 *The paper has various contests, check there! 

Last but not least, their is a special Citizens Only Page, each town has their own page.  Please keep your password to yourself.   
We are always adding new features to NWL so I recommend you visit the site frequently!  Their are various ways to spend your money(KK), so better start saving now! 
If you have any other questions, e-mail the president, MsKite, at nowhere_land@yahoo.com

The Nowhere Land Town Watch
This is for those who don't follow the rules!
Ways to get yourself on the list:
*Don't follow the terms you agreed to when joining (That includes waiting impatiently, submitting more then one form, joining under more then one email, etc.!)
*Not paying KK to others or ordering sovenirs from NWL and not paying within your 2-3 week time.
*Being rude and obnoxious to officials or citizens
*Not following the rules in general!

Currently in the works is a new, Nowhere Land Development Group!  If you are interested in making Nowhere Land the best Beatles site on the net, then please 
email nowhere_land@yahoo.com to get more info on the new Dev. Group!
Last Updated: July 19, 1999   

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