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Nowhere Land

A virtual country devoted to the Beatles!

NWL Features:
  • A special currency called Kaili Kash! Spend it within NWL!
  • Join a town! Pick from Lennon Land, Harrisonville, McCartney Town or Starr City!
  • Talk to other Beatles fans and Nowhere Land citizens...over 350 (and growing daily!)
  • Recieve the monthly Beatles newspaper, The Paperback Writer Times
  • See the Beatles Fan Fic Club!
  • Check out the towns! Each have different things to do!
  • Get involved! Become mayor, newspaper editor, banker or suggest a new job!

  • Join today!

    "A great site." - Rolling Stone Online

    Nowhere Land is a non-profit virtual country on the net! Copyright MsKite 1997, 1998, 1999
    Mention you saw this flyer and get 20KK extra when you join!