This healthy, crunchy salad of fennel, carrot, apple and radish is dressed in a lemony mayonnaise, which adds to its freshness.
12 radishes, trimmed
3 bulbs fennel, trimmed
2 medium carrots, peeled
1 green eating apple, cored
1tbsp / 15ml fresh lemon juice
6tbsp / 90ml mayonnaise

1. Make 4 vertical cuts, crossing in the centre, in each radish.
2. Soak in iced water for 2-3 hours or until the petals open. Drain.
3. Cut the fennel bulbs lengthwise in half and cut out the hard core. Slice very finely.
4. Cut the carrots into matchsticks and dice the apple.
5. Mix the lemon juice into the vegetables, and then toss with the mayonnaise. Pile into a salad bowl and garnish with the radishes.

Fennel Salad
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