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For Non-Nowhere Land Citizens
Non-Nowhere Land Citizens are welcome and encouraged to vote in the Beetle Awards. However, votes who do not include a login name and/or email are not eligible to be entered in the contest. Those who would like to be entered in the contest are encouraged to join Nowhere Land (no cost) and after receiving their confirmation email to vote; those who vote before receiving a confirmation email will not be entered in the contest. Non-Citizens, unless a nominee, are not eligible to purchase tickets to the awards ceremony, as the tickets will be valued in Nowhere Land currency, Kaili Kash. Once again, voters are encouraged to join Nowhere Land.

For Citizens of Nowhere Land
Citizens of Nowhere Land are encouraged to vote in the Beetle Awards. Those who provide correct login names and emails will be entered in a contest, with the winner to be picked at random on a later date. Incorrect login names or emails may be entered, depending on amount of typos, etc. Tickets will be available to attend the award ceremony closer to the date and will be purchasable with Nowhere Land currency, Kaili Kash.

For All Voters
Voting ends February 25, 2000. One vote per IP address. Ballot box stuffing or repeated voting will not be counted, and in the case of those voters who are eligble for the contest, repeated "stuffing" offenders may have their name withdrawn from the contest.

Nowhere Land not responsible for lost prizes or taxes that may apply in specific locations. Current prizes as of January 27, 2000 include: BlockBuster $5 gift certificate (good in US ONLY); Barnes & Noble $5 gift certificate (usable at over 500 locations); $5 gift certificate. One prize per person. Winners will be notified by email and must reply within 24 hours to be eligble, otherwise prize winner will be awarded to another. All prizes except gift certificate will be sent via the US Postal Service. Winners will be drawn at the award ceremony, need not be present to win. Award ceremony date to be announced.

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