Beatles9 Campaign Speech for Banker!

Hello fellow Citizens,
I, Michelle Magor (a.k.a. beatles9), would like to become your new banker. I think I am very qualified for the job because for one I LOVE The Beatles, two, I am very devoted, and three, I'm good at the inter net and could run a new page of my own. I've shown these three qualities by making a Beatles' page of my own, (a page that is not quite finished yet) and by wining 3 out of 5 awards in the Beatles' Olympic Games. I hope you would vote for me, I think it would be the right choice!



Getting to Know Beatles9
NWL Name- Beatles9
Town- McCartney Town
Do you know HTML?-
Do you have a webpage?- yes
Would you be willing to keep the NWL accounts on your webpage?- no, I will make a new page just for the bank
How much time would you be willing to put towards the banker postion?- as much as the job calles for
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