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Please provide the URLs of your favorite Beatle-related sites in each catagory below! Citizens who provide their login names and the emails they signed up with, will be entered in a contest.
If you aren't a citizen but would still like to vote, go right ahead! Enjoy! More info on the winners and presentation ceremony later!

Voting now ends February 25, 2000
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1st Annual Beetle Awards sponsored by Nowhere Land.
Copyright Nowhere Land & MsKite 2000, graphics not for public use unless specified.
Best Unofficial John Lennon Site:
Best Unofficial Paul McCartney:
Best Unofficial George Harrison Site:
Best Unofficial Ringo Starr Site:
Best Fan Fic:
Best Unofficial Beatles Site:
Best Unofficial Discography Site:
Best Unofficial Photo Site:
Most Original Unofficial Site:
Best Unofficial Bio Site:
NWL Login Name:

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