Nowhere Land Now Has AIM!
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NWL Now Has AIM!
Have you heard about AIM? (AOL Instant Messenger) It's like ICQ but different in a somewhat better way. You add all your friends(or friends/citizens in our case :)) to your "buddies" list. Then, when they are online you can see. Then you can send them a msg and chat OR now you can add multiple people and do a chat! That means that now if you have AIM NWL can chat together on it!! Interested in contacting NWL on AIM? Our screen name is NoWereLand We look forward to chatting with you!!(PS-The person behind the screen typing to you is MsKite)
Don't have AIM? Don't have ICQ? Do you want them? Well then why not download them! They're free and a great program to keep close to friends!
If you have ICQ and want to contact us our nick name is NowhereLand email is and UIN is 3514244 :)